​The Scientific Systems, Inc. History

Scientific Systems, Inc.The Beginning

Way back in the glory days of nearly 50 years ago, in the small central Pennsylvania town of State College, history was made. It was the year 1967 and with little more than dreams and ambition, Andy Charney founded what would one day become a leader in liquid chromatography sciences; Scientific Systems, Inc. (SSI). Precision machining and high pressure fluid technology has not on​ly helped keep Scientific Systems as an industry leader, but is also a leading factor in the creation of a worldwide customer base. But getting there was not easy, and any company that has survived for this long has a robust story, and a rich history.

The 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s

It was during the early 1970’s that Scientific Systems was doing the unthinkable by producing ultra high pressure valves that reached pressures upwards of 100,000 PSI! These extremely high pressure valves, and other components were used primarily in the nuclear industry. However, SSI quickly recognized the value of this technology across other fields and quickly began specializing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Then through the early 1980’s Scientific Systems created and manufactured pumps and other critical fluid path components for Perkin-Elmer, a premier supplier of HPLC equipment.

The 1990’s and Beyond

Fast forward to 1994 when Scientific Systems reached a major milestone by being an early adopter i​n achieving the coveted ISO-9001 certification. Recognition that continues today through rigorous documentation, a clean and well maintained facility, regular audits, and above all else, an endless drive for continuous improvement across all company operations. This voluntary adherence to strict disciplines allows Scientific Systems to maintain the highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Scientific Systems – Right Now

As you read this, we are busy work​ing hard for our awesome clients by providing them with a wide portfolio of HPLC products. While we focus mainly on high pressure, positive displacement pumps, we do also have a full complement of engineering expertise, a comprehensive supply chain, and internal machining, assembly, and testing operations. All of which allow us to present our customers with the highest quality product to meet exactly their needs; regardless if you are searching for a complete OEM solution, a stand-alone unit for a college lab, or anything in-between.​

​If you have additional questions, please contact us​ and we will reply to you shortly.