​HF Series HPLC Pump

HF Series HPLC PumpHigh Performance for Your Application

The HF Series pumps are specifically designed to meet the requirements of Preparative Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and high pressure Process/Metering applications. The Stainless Steel fluid path will withstand the toughest applications.

Heavy Duty Design

The HF Series pumps are dual-headed piston pumps with servo motors, belt drives, and reliable eccentric cams. Standard features include an LCD keypad with advanced HMI/PLC interface, and RS-232 for complete control and status monitoring. Prime-Purge Valve, Outlet Filter, and Pressure Transducer are also included​.

Wide, Accurate Flow & Pressure Range

These pumps deliver very precise flow rates up to 300 mL/min, with pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Easy Maintenance

All Scientific Systems, Inc. pumps are known for fast, easy maintenance. Check valves, pistons, and seals are readily accessible, and Automatic Piston Wash is standard. These features ​contribute to reduced down-time and operating expenses.

 Pump Head Material Options

Dual Stainless.jpg

HF Class​ Documentation​

HF Series Pumps Operators Manual.pdfHF Series Pumps Operators Manual
HF Series Datasheet.pdfHF Series Datasheet
HF Class Quick Start Guide.pdfHF Class Quick Start Guide