​PR Class HPLC Pumps

PR ClassHigh-Flow Dual Head Pumps

The rugged PR Class consists of dual-headed positive displacement piston pumps that provide high accurate flows and excellent pressure capability for a variety of uses. 

Standard fluid path materials are Stainless Steel and PEEK. Other available features include Hastelloy fluid path with jacketed pump ​heads for temperature controlled processes.

The pumps are designed for a wide range of Preparative and Semi-Prep Chromatography as well as SMBC (simulated moving bed chromatography) and many process and industrial applications. With 100 mL/min and 300 mL/min versions reaching pressures up to 4000 psi the pumps will meet the most demanding LC and process needs.

Features include an integrated Prime-Purge Valve interactive keypad control and complete PC control and status through RS-232 and Micro USB 2.0 ports. The PR Class provides the flow rates and pressures required for high throughput separations.​

 Pump Head Material Options

Dual Stainless.jpgDual PEEK_.jpgDual Hastelloy.jpg

​​PR Class Documentation

Check Valve Replacement Instructions.pdfCheck Valve Replacement Instructions
PR Class Datasheet.pdfPR Class Datasheet
PR Class Operators Manual.pdfPR Class Operators Manual
Seal Replacement Instructions.pdfSeal Replacement Instructions